Bakeosaurus REX Hatching Party SAVE THE DATE: March 4th   REX is Coming SOON!!! March 4th is his official due date, and Dinosaurs are known for their timely arrivals. Come witness him break from his egg to greet us all and join the Bakeosaurus Rex family. For more information please submit […]

Bakeosaurus Rex Hatching Party

My dear friend Therese was recently reading my How Did I Get Here post and asked me to finally most the story of where our name came from.  So, here is goes…   My oldest son, Elijah (5) loved Toy Story when he was 3 (which is the age he […]

Where did the name Bakeosaurus Rex come from?

I taught for 8 years, my husband has been in education longer than that.  I believe education is one of the most rewarding yet sometimes under appreciated fields of work.  Teachers are not only the people in a child’s life who, during the school day, facilitate learning in an engaging […]

Teacher Cookies

Are you interested in gifting a Cookie Pop or a Cookie Bouquet?  Perhaps something as a center piece for your big event? Let us know why you need, and we will create it just for you.  

Cookie Pops & Bouquets

CookieGRAMS are Mailable (USPS) compact containers of JOY! aka 1 (square) to 4 (circle) custom cookies you gift to someone local or not-so-local (by way of the United Postal Service). Don’t see one that suits your needs?  Let us know what you what you are looking for, and we will […]


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Cookies by Holiday

Who has shown you a father’s love?  Do you see it in watching your husband fish with your kids?  Do you feel it when your father-in-law teaches you how to replace your brake pads?  Do you feel when your brother tells you he is proud of you?  We want to […]

Father’s Day Contest

May 7th Bakeosaurus Rex will be hosting their Grand Opening at United Kitchen in celebration of their 1st Bakeiversary!  Have you registered for your Invitation yet? If not, see that green bar at the top of my site? Put your email in there.  Invitations are going out Thursday April 21st […]

Grand Opening and 1st Bakeiversary

I just HAD to write a post about these ADORABLE t-shirts, my graphic designer, and friend Toni, of Streamline Creations (check out their website and Facebook page, you need a logo? t-shirts? business cards? I did too! She is GREAT!!!) created for me! Of course I HAD to put it […]


Do you have a cause you feel passionately about?  (What is it? Comment below) We do! You can check them out in the gallery below.  Did you know, when a cause ribbon or any cookie for a cause is purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes to an organization benefiting […]

Cookies for a Cause

  It has been a completely amazing experience working out of the shared kitchen.  I have learned SO MUCH, and my cookies SOLD OUT my first week!!! Let’s back it up, it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows… This has been a period of relearning. I fought (through prayer and […]

Month One: Bakeosaurus Rex

For those of you who do not know, WE ARE GOING PUBLIC! This dream, we didn’t even know we had, (God’s plan is ALWAYS better than our own) is coming TRUE! After much prayer and being calmed to wait on God’s timing, we are taking the paperwork steps to begin […]

It is happening…

Part of my morning routine USED TO BE <click email icon>, <click all mailboxes>, <click edit>, <select anything and everything that is in my inbox in search of IMPORTANT emails>,  <click trash>.  All the while rolling my eyes, doing that guttural sigh of annoyance, then the moment passes, and it […]

Morning “DELETE” Routine

***CONVERSIONS REQUESTED***Converted***Let me know how it goes, I will confirm grams and such next time I make them as well.*** This is the cupcake I have had the most request for over these last 5 months.  Which has allowed for me to perfect my recipe, preferred ingredients, timesaving methods and […]

PB & Choco Temptation

Cupcakes and Stack Cakes are so much fun (and delicious if I do say so myself)! Any cupcake can be made into a stack cake and any stack cake can be made in cupcake form. Mini Poppy Cakes Silver Dollar Pancake Cupcakes, french toast cupcakes, maple buttercream wrapped in marshmallow […]

Gourmet Cupcakes & Stack Cakes

Prior to meeting (and coming to love) my Uncle (in-law) Rick and Father-in-law Dale, Father’s Day wasn’t a very happy day for me.  When my ONE (RoboHubs) had HIS first Father’s Day, it was a TOTAL game changer.  (FATHER’S DAY POST: To Be Continued…) Here is a sneak peek at […]

If It Ain’t Broke…DON’T fix it!

There is no such thing as a SupersaurusRex I have been receiving a lot of comments lately like. “Wow! I don’t know how you do it all!, blogging, baking, two small children, caring for your husband on top of everything else!” “Wow! You are super mom you can do it […]


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Custom Cookies, Cookie Pops & Cookie Bouquets

One of the many things I have learned in my Faith journey thus far is that God doesn’t always call those equipped, however he does equip those who are called.  I have been studying the Life of Moses through Bible Study Fellowship, and God certainly equipped Moses to become the […]

God Equips the Called

 Just before leaving BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this week I received a text from my friend Kathy about an amazing idea she dreamt up for me concerning Mother’s Day Treats.  As soon as my boys took their naps I hopped onto Pinterest and started looking for more inspiration. With Kathy as […]

Mother’s Day Treats

Ingredients 1 Tablespoon Lemonade (or vodka…most of my cakes are kid cakes so I feel a little weird about using vodka and lemonade works great) Gel Food Coloring (color(s) to meet your specific designing needs.   Instructions Put lemonade in a shallow dish or palate Start adding your first gel […]

Quick Fondant Paint How-To

Maple Frosting Recipe Take your Buttercream Base (Vanilla) Recipe and add three things before you add your milk. 1) Cinnamon 2) Nutmeg 3) Pure Maple Syrup   No, I am not kidding you! It is THAT easy (and SUPER delicious!). As not to confuse anyone clicking back and fourth, I […]

Maple Buttercream Recipe

  Take your Yellow Cake Base Recipe and add two things before you batter your pans. 1) Cinnamon 2) Nutmeg   No, I am not kidding you! It is THAT easy (and delicious!). As not to confuse anyone clicking back and fourth, I will re-write the ingredients and instructions here […]

French Toast Cake Recipe

These cupcakes were also on the tray for my son’s 1st birthday.  I just used my leftover french toast cake batter and made cupcakes, then pipped on leftover maple frosting and added a cute little fondant mini pancake and drizzle.  HUGE HIT! When I started this, I had only PLANNED […]

Not everyone likes fondant? How to accommodate those guest.

Making Judah’s smash cake was a lot of fun! This post will be all about how to turn this HOT MESS: Into THIS: This was NOT my original design.  I got my inspiration and instructions on how to construct the fondant and add the details from reading Rose’s Tutorial on […]

How to Make: Poppy’s Pancake Cake

My Name is Shannon Detman. PAUSE: Before you read any further, I should tell you, I tend to make up words. My older brother, Jason (who you will hear more about in future posts as he had a lot to do with getting me “online”) at an early age coined […]

How did I get here?