How to Make: Poppy’s Pancake Cake

Making Judah’s smash cake was a lot of fun! This post will be all about how to turn this HOT MESS:


Into THIS:


This was NOT my original design.  I got my inspiration and instructions on how to construct the fondant and add the details from reading Rose’s Tutorial on her Blog.

The First things you are going to need is your GO TO cake batter recipe, and an awesome pan (and a few other supplies and ingredients).  I didn’t have anything that would suit the size I wanted at the time, so I borrowed a GIANT cupcake pan from my friend, and used just the bottom part.  You could also use 6″ pan and stack them as high as your heart desires.

Supplies you will need:
3 bowls
Rubber scrapper
Your pan of choice
The Original No-Stick Baking Spray with Flour (I am new to this whole blogging thing, I am not sure what I am allowed to say and not say lol…)
Cake Recipe
Fondant Recipe
Piping Gel Recipe (or Caramel Maple Drizzle which I will get to later)
Gel Colors
Fondant Paint
Decorating brush
All your Ingredients

So grab your stuff, and let’s get to it!

This is the GIANT cupcake pan I mentioned earlier.

 Here is what I did:
Step 1– Start SMALL, like cupcake size small.  You will end up with CUTE silver dollar pancake stacks, and everyone will LOVE them!


Step 2- After baking and allowing your cupcakes to completely cool, trim the “muffin top” (yes, I just giggled too) off and the edges perhaps if you want, just to shape. (I used a little serrated knife) Toss the trimmings into your “gonna make cake pop’s with this” scraps container.


Step 3- Dab some of that buttercream onto the freshly trimmed top (now bottom) and plop it onto a plate (or whatever you want, mini cake round, piece of parchment paper…).

Step 4– Spread a thin layer of your buttercream on there. I’m not fancy, I just used a butter knife and started on top and worked my way around turning the plate.


Step 5– Set that to the side and bust out your fondant. Don’t forget, marshmallow fondant needs to be made ahead of time to “set-up” and become workable.  I made one batch and tinted the majority of it with a little brown gel coloring BEFORE I added the powdered sugar.  I made the “butter” a tiny little part of that batch and added GOLDEN yellow prior to adding the powdered sugar.


Step 6– Make fondant snakes.  Remember your play dough days? (or if you also happen to have a 3 year-old maybe your “play dough days” are everyday)


Step 7-  Wrap it around your upside down, trimmed, iced, cupcake.  Be sure to gently press the snake into the frosting as you go, and start at the BOTTOM laying each coil on top of the last one as you go.  This does NOT have to be perfect.  Remember we are making a stack of pancakes, it should look shifted and mismatched.


Step 8-  now for the top.  See it above? Roll fondant into a ball and then smash it in-between your hands to make it look like the top pancake.  Make sure it covered the whole top and is about as thick as your coils appear to be.

Step 9- THE PAINT! Make your “paint” So, usually fondant painting includes vodka it would appear.  I felt a little funny about painting my one-year-olds first cake with vodka haha even though its like TRACE amounts, so I used lemonade.

Step 10– Take your decorating brush and get to work.  Apparently I didn’t get a picture of myself painting, which makes sense as I had my brush in my left and the cupcake in my right, next time I will have my husband snap a photo but I will do my best to describe it here.   a) Dip your brush in your fondant paint, if you are not sure how it will look, practice on a scrap piece of fondant till you get the look you are going for.
b) Turn your brush sideways so the tip will go between the “pancakes” and spin your cupcake to coil around from BOTTOM to top. This doesn’t have to be perfect, remember on a real pancake the browned marks from the griddle, that is what we are imitating.  It should have imperfections to look REAL.
c) The Top! Start in the middle with your paint. (Remember, you are going to have fondant butter pads and either piping gel or maple caramel drizzle to imitate the syrup on top too so don’t worry about the inconsistencies and asymmetrical paint job you may have just done, I am sure it looks great! I cannot wait to see a picture of your creation! Send me some!

Step 11– Make your little pads of butter.  For the silver dollar cupcakes just made little balls with my hands and squished them down and cut two small squares.  (for the big stack I did the same, I just used a rolling pin to flatten them a little more consistently.)

Step 12– The DRIZZLE!  Whatever you choose to use as your “syrup” Put it into a decorating squeeze bottle (or one of those picnic condiment squeeze bottles) and start from the top middle, on top of the “butter” and squeeze a little out in a light, slow, steady, stream (I am going to use the CLOCK numbers to explain it, so when I say “at 12 o’clock”… you know what I mean) down 12 o’clock then back up that same stream to the middle, then down 2 o’clock, back up, down 4 o’clock, and back up (so a little will pool on the plate like a REAL stack of pancakes) so and and so fourth every “two hours” till you are back in the middle after 10 o’clock then stop.  Remember- practice makes perfect.  That is why I did ALL THESE little cupcakes, to boost my confidence (and had fun cute treats for my party guests) before I tackled a BIG STACK.

This thinner drizzle is the Piping Gel tinted with Brown, Burgundy (i every so SMALL amount) LEMON Yellow, and Copper gel colors.
THESE are drizzled with the Caramel Maple mix I mentioned earlier. It is just Kraft Unwrapped Caramel Bits, melted with a tablespoon of milk, per their directions, with a dash of pure maple syrup.
See those hosted cupcakes on there with the single pancake on top? I will type about those next. post.

YOU ARE DONE! I bet it looks AWESOME! (don’t forget to show me) 

(Step 13– Now decorate your BIG stack the SAME way)

Coming up next- This cake and these cupcakes LOOK like breakfast, How do you get them to TASTE like breakfast too with a few items you already have in your cupboard? AND…not everyone likes fondant covered cakes?! How I accommodated those guests at my son’s party.

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