Mother’s Day Treats 1

 Just before leaving BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this week I received a text from my friend Kathy about an amazing idea she dreamt up for me concerning Mother’s Day Treats.  As soon as my boys took their naps I hopped onto Pinterest and started looking for more inspiration. With Kathy as the Creative Director, Pinterest by side and my crafty workmanship here is what emerged.


Here is where I got my inspiration for the daffodil cookie pops.

Here is where I learned how do make the Modeling Chocolate Roses. (I made the modeling chocolate found here and mixed it with the fondant found here as modeling chocolate on its own didn’t work for me.)

Cookie inspiration.

I wanted to do something different for the bases. Why not make them edible? So much more cost effective (AND DELICIOUS) than styrofoam.

Happy creating!!



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