Teacher Cookies

I taught for 8 years, my husband has been in education longer than that.  I believe education is one of the most rewarding yet sometimes under appreciated fields of work.  Teachers are not only the people in a child’s life who, during the school day, facilitate learning in an engaging way, they are SO MUCH MORE. This image from http://anneinglisteachingphilosophy.weebly.com/educator-roles-and-responsibilities.html captures some of what I am talking about.  Teaching is mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually draining (and 100% worth every minute) which is why breaks (especially summer) are necessary… okay okay stepping off my soap box while you check out this image:


because I feel so passionately education, I believe teacher’s need to feel appreciated, not just one day a year (the first Tuesday of May as designated by the calendar) everyday, any day, hence… our line of Teacher Appreciation Cookies.  If you have an idea of a different design you would like to give the teachers in your life, please, let us know.  We would be honored to create them for you!


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