Where did the name Bakeosaurus Rex come from?

My dear friend Therese was recently reading my How Did I Get Here post and asked me to finally most the story of where our name came from.  So, here is goes…


My oldest son, Elijah (5) loved Toy Story when he was 3 (which is the age he was when my youngest, Judah, turned 1 and Bakeosaurus Rex was born.) his FAVORITE Toy Story Toons was/is Partysaurus Rex (WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN IT?! It is okay, Disney Pixar has a Sneak Peek on YouTube, click here to see it.)

Since he loved it so much, naturally -saurus Rex got added to a lot of words to describe things to Elijah.  A few examples include:

Crabbysaurus Rex

Sleepysaurus Rex

Sillysaurus Rex

Bakeosaurus Rex

The week before Judah’s 1st birthday, I had barricaded myself in the kitchen using baby gates and kitchen chairs so that I could practice and refine my baking projects for Judah’s birthday party.  Whenever Elijah would ask for my attention (with his father sitting right next to him, isn’t that how it always goes?) I would say, “Just a minute buddy, mommy is Bakeosaurus Rex right now, I am almost done”  So you could say,

It stuck.

  1. Have you ever noticed BRex only has one tooth?  The reason why is because Judah only had one tooth on his first birthday.
  2. Did you notice what hand BRex is holding his spoon in?  Why the left?  I am left handed.
  3. Why is Rex’s bowl red?  Red is my husband, Nicks favorite color.
  4. Why is Rex’s hat too big for his head?! A chefs is too big for Judah, he is who I drew Rex after, remember, although I think Judah is going to be right handed, the verdict is still out.

Bakeosaurus Rex Logo

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