If It Ain’t Broke…DON’T fix it!


Prior to meeting (and coming to love) my Uncle (in-law) Rick and Father-in-law Dale, Father’s Day wasn’t a very happy day for me.  When my ONE (RoboHubs) had HIS first Father’s Day, it was a TOTAL game changer.  (FATHER’S DAY POST: To Be Continued…)

Here is a sneak peek at tomorrow’s Father’s Day Options/Contest/Blog Post:


One of the fun Father’s Day Finds!  Anyhow this set of cutters came in a cute little box, the backing looked like peg board, instantly I feel in LOVE! Working on some Birthday Treats you will see Saturday, I had some extra dough so I thought I would open my tools and play… ONLY TO FIND a new recipe on the back.  Realizing it was one I had never tried, I HAD TO try it right then and there, I just happened  to have ALL of the ingredients (it takes WAY MORE “things” than MY recipe) Phoebe was over playing with Elijah, Judah was sleeping, RoboHubs was happily watching SportsCenter, WHY NOT, RIGHT!?!!

Fast forward through the making, rolling, chilling, cutting, chilling, baking, cooling PROCESS they were DONE!  I took one to my husband and said, “This MIGHT change everything we’ve come to know about cookies!” he took a bite and said “OH! It really does change everything I’ve ever known about cookies” DEVASTATED thinking I was going to have to re-bake the 60 birthday treats I had JUST FINISHED he continues, “I never thought I’d come across a cookie I didn’t care for” RELIEVED and lesson learned:

“If it ain’t broke, DON’T fix it!” – Bert Lance

How cool to have learned that lesson on a set of TOOLS! Hahaha!!

DISCLAIMER: I am SURE there are people who use the pictured recipe above and love it!  Another thing I have come to learn while baking is not only are you going to learn something new every time you turn your oven on, BUT also there are a LOT of “personal preference” type situations.  I am sure there are millions of people who LOVE cookies baked with this recipe.  It just isn’t our personal favorite.  If you use it, and enjoy it, and it works for you, reference the name of this post and DON’T “fix” IT!

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