It is happening…

For those of you who do not know, WE ARE GOING PUBLIC! This dream, we didn’t even know we had, (God’s plan is ALWAYS better than our own) is coming TRUE!

After much prayer and being calmed to wait on God’s timing, we are taking the paperwork steps to begin another chapter in the Bakeosaurus Rex book.  Now to wait… again… for everything to be properly filed and submitted so we can begin baking out of a shared kitchen in La Grange, Illinois, United Kitchen.

We are making great use of this time by taking the opportunity to refine our menu (thanks to all of our taste testers in the community, who have been receiving Feedback Packs, and helping us refine not only our menu, but our recipes too! see our Facebook for more details ) and order the supplies we need to hit the ground running when we get the green light.  Check out our labels! What do you think?


We will keep you updated!

-Bakeosaurus Rex

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